TRE Journal

TRE Journal is my peer-reviewed 4-year personal testimony documenting the amazing healing power of TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises), as developed by David Berceli. (Terry Wood, certified TRE provider, Oregon)


TRE Journal Includes:

  • 209 weekly entries (four years)
  • My healing journey (and the profound changes that occurred in my life)
  • How TRE was integrated into my daily life
  • Commentary about TRE in general
  • My certification training through level II
  • Multiple TRE Workshop I attended (including Neurogenic Yoga)
  • Reference to people who influenced my understanding of trauma
  • My experience teaching TRE classes
  • Mindfulness
  • What changes occur after healing from trauma (comments by Arthur Janov, Ellie Van Winkle and Thomas Stone), and of course my own testimony throughout the journal.
  • Summary list of “observations” (key point I learned about TRE over four years).
  • My personal shaking style
  • Can we shake out stress almost anytime, anywhere?
  • Can TRE be used as an anger release technique?
  • Changes in dreams with long-term use of TRE
  • Much more, too numerous to list here

When I began using TRE in 2012, there was something missing. I could not find any long-term testimonials documenting the profound changes that occur with regular use of TRE (as we heal from old traumas/stresses). In addition, there was little info on how people integrated TRE into their lives. Thus, my mission was born.

Fair Warning, TRE Journal is 137 pages (68,800 words), the length of a small book.   Yes, it could take a while to digest.

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